A guide to your favorite​ 15-minute full-body​ workout

Hey gifted ones! Can I call you guys that??

I’m quite a busy lady and nothing beats finding a workout that burns the calories in the shortest time but also adds great variety to my gym routine.

Once again, I’m no trainer, or health coach, just a doctor whose passionate about helping you to FETCH YOUR HEALTH through exercise. So I’m just sharing all the ways I do, with help from many resources 🙂

I find that doing a quick strength-training workout before work on days that’ll be hectic (on-call) or doing them as an alternate workout really helps to make me less tired, but also helps rev up my metabolism by keeping my muscles working even when the workout is done. With strength-training, even “a little means a lot.”

Ok so first things first!!! If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a pair of these- GO AND FETCH THEM!

I think mine cost me about R99 each (on special) at Game. So while we’re there, here’s a list of the best places where you can get your dumbbells at an affordable price. Look out for specials as well and please comment with any other stores that you know sell gym equipment and gym wear – at great prices of course!


  • Takealot.com – putting this one first because they deliver and they are always super affordable
  • Fitnessnetwork.co.za– Also online and delivering currently.
  • thegymshop.co.za– Not very familiar with this but definitely worth the try.
  • aliexpress– only ever ordered hair here but hey, worth the try :). I would suggest using this if you’re going to buy more than just dumbbells, because you’re paying in dollars and you’re paying for shipping. Rather use this platform for bulk or big purchases.

Physical stores: Remember to wear your mask if you’re going here.

  • GAME stores. They are also online. They have a great variety, depending on which one you go to.
  • Makro
  • Mr. Price Sport
  • Sportsman’s warehouse

Now moving on to the actual blog post. I found these awesome workouts from a women’s health magazine booklet, runtastic and other exercise sites and combined them to bring you a FAVOURITE recipe! And ofcourse I added a personal touch 🙂 ENJOY!


A skipping rope, and dumbbells.

2 simple pieces of equipment for your own home gym. 🙂

No excuses!!!!!!

If you don’t have dumbbells use what you have

– Fill a water bottle with sand, water, flour.

– Use a stack of heavy books

– Small bricks, sand bags


Sourced from Adidas runtastic.com


For an easy, good warm-up, do 1000 skips or skip for one minute straight, to get your heart racing. Now you’re good to go:) Lets>>>>>


  1. Bent-over row and fly

Feet apart, knees slightly bent and your torso nearly parallel to the floor. Bend your elbows with dumbbell in each hand to reach the side of the torso. Lower the weights down, then extend your arms to the side. Back to the chest. One rep done. Repeat x20 or for 60 seconds. Rest 30 seconds.

For each move: complete as many reps as possible in 60 seconds or repeat x 20. Rest for 20 seconds. Then do the next move.

Repeat for 3 or 4 rounds.


Self explanatory as per the pictures 🙂 One rep is when you come back up from the squat. We all know how great squats are.

3) Gator Press

Raise your arms, kept straight, in front of you at shoulder height. Keep one arm down while you raise the alternate on up above the head. Return the arm to the straight horizontal position. Repeat with the other arm. This is one rep done.

4) Stationery Lunge

With a dumbbell in each arm, arms held straight down the side of each leg, one leg in front of the other, bend down and come back up to complete a stationery lunge. Great for the quadriceps, calves and gluteal muscles (bum-bum ).

5) Dumbbell press to iron cross

This one brings in an element of the shoulder press as well. Feet shoulder-width apart, and a dumbbell in each hand, held by the shoulders. Extend your arms up over the head on each side. Now bring your arms back to the shoulders, then extend them out to the sides at shoulder height. One rep here is done.


This is a whole other topic on it’s own, but I really want to keep bringing it up. I NEVER used to stretch, until after I had been on a fitness hiatus and my muscles were killing me after each run or workout. But stretching- it changed everything!!! So please- DO IT!

HOW WAS IT? Did you enjoy that? Please leave comments and suggestions down below 🙂

All my healthy love


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