5 meaningful “pick-me-up” songs fit for an indoor jam!!

1)Into Ingawe – Sun El musician and Ami-Faku 

“Iminqweno yethu ivakele. Intando anayo ingango lwandle. Ingomso lethu liyathembisaKumele sikwazi ukubekezela.”

“Our wishes have been granted. His love is as deep as the ocean. Our future is promising. We must just persevere” 

A forever jam for me since last year because even though it may be a 2019 song, it still remains so relevant because of the lyrics. In addition to the above stand-out line that reminds us that we need just to push through the difficult times such as this one facing our Earth, it also reminds me that “Into –ingawe; everything is up to you.” 

So during this time, its up to each one of us, to really be responsible in STAYINGATHOME, stay protected, and in addition use this time wisely. 

But most importantly, make it fun AND worthwile while at it! 

2) My God is goodoo- Joyous Celebration 13- Track number 1

“Eh eeeeeh eh eeeeeeeh, my God is gooodoo!” 

Not only is this one a jam but its message is so straightforward and just repeatedly reminds us that despite all that is happening- God is still GOOD! His nature is as such- GOOD! Well, I guess we all have our own take on whether or not He is angry at us ( Personally, I dont believe He is) but nontheless– He is still GOOD!

  1. Intentional – Travis Greene 

“All things are working for my good. Our God is- Intentional”. 

This is such a great reminder of one of the well known and great verses Romans 8:28, that even in this time when it may seem that some of our plans are spoiled, God has it all worked out. He is an intentional God, even though our own decisions and ways may lead us astray- everything will end up coming together in a way that is for our good. 

Joy – Vashawn Mitchell 

“There’s beauty in my brokenness- I’ve got True love instead of pain.” 

This one honestly reminds me that there’s so much that will come out of this brokenness of our nations worldwide. Ours is to hold on to a True and unconditional love during a time like this and to be a source of that same hope, joy, and love in this season that comes with pain as well. That unexplained, uncontainable JOY despite circumstances- this song reminds me of that in beat and in the words!

  1. Todd Dalaney – Your Great Name

We love to call Your name. It’s something we cannot explain. That happens when we proclaim- Your Great Name, Your Great Name! 

There’s something that comes with an unexplainable peace when we call on the name of Jesus that also gives us freedom and somehow leaves us feeling empowered. I dont know- it’s somthing we cannot explain after all. 🙂

  1. DJ Ganyani- Emazulwini

“ Baba wethu osemazulwini. Maliphakanyisw’ igama lakho. Mbuso wakho mawufike. Intando yakho mayenziwe.”

“Our Father in heavan, halllowed be thy name, thy kingdom come. Thy will be done” 

Really this one speaks for itself so I won’t say much but above all, we can only hope, pray and trust that His will be done above everything else. This song is such a beautiful reminder of that. A prayer, a jam, an exhortation. The Lord’s Prayer – in a house song. The best combination to jam to!


ENJOY and please comment with more songs to make this a QUARANTINE PLAYLIST!

Much Love

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