Things that have shown to help me go from Irregular>Regular! Here are 7 ways to Combat​ Constipation!


So I’m pretty sure I’m NOT the only one who suffers from this. But over the years with almost a million alterations in my eating habits and my inborn slooooooooow metabolism, my digestive system has really taken a toll and constipation has been one of the adverse effects that I often struggle with. And considering that if you’re looking to lose weight, maintain your weight or just keep regular, you want things flowing in, giving their nutritional bit and then flowing out before they’re converted into extra energy we don’ t want! 

#Quick FACTS 

> Constipation can be defined differently for each individual as metabolism varies from person to person. 

> It’s generally defined medically as the passage of three or less bowel movements per week 

> If you have to push long and haaaaard for most of the time when going to the toilet, or you’re dropping baby rocks into the toilet ,you’re probably constipated boo thang! 

As  I explore different foods and come across different things, I’ve personally found that there are certain foods that I have seen definitely smoothen things up a bit- excuse the pun! 

Here’s a list of how I try to combat constipation; 

Remember- it’s an individual thing. Everyone’s bodies are different. And quite frankly you know what normal for your body is.  But here are the foods that are working for me: 

  1. Keep it flowing, like the waterrrrr !

You’re probably thinking uuuh, water is NOT food! Well, As much as we are what we eat, we also are what we drink, because everything we drink also affects our body. I cannot harp on this one enough. Water is life! Not only does water help flush out the waste, it also helps cleanse my skin, help control my portions of food and keeps me hydrated and thus less tired. BOOM! It’s no surprise though considering the body is comprised, on average,  of about 60% water. How I best get my water in, is by using what I call the 2 glasses rule: 

  • When I wake: 
  • BEFORE each meal 
  • AFTER each meal

This ultimately puts me at about 10 glasses of water a day- just like that! And if one glass is 250ml- it gives me 2,5l intake. And so you can imagine, most of the day, I’m generally  drinking water, and minding my own bathroom business! The sisters (nurses) even asked me the other day if they should do a pregnancy test on me! Only the mothers will get this one- shout out to you guys 😀 

As you can see here, I try to add lemon to may water sometimes just to add some flavour!


* When you wake
* BEFORE each meal
* AFTER each meal “

  • Fruits

Now this can be a tricky one cause when you’re trying to stay away from sugary foods, fruit intake reduction may be one of the things you need to do. However, there are certain fruits that I have found drive me more to the ladies’ than others: 

  • Dates and prunes. I love them  because they give me both my natural sugar high – (I have a really bad sweet tooth) and they aid my digestive system. 
  • BANANAS: Research about bananas shows that they are high in fiber and contain about 3.1g of fiber. They have been shown however to aid with constipation in some people, but in others have been shown to cause it. Nonetheless, they have been shown to be pre-biotic (good for your “good” bacteria in the gut) and also have been reported to aid with bloating and stomach pain. So are you going bananas or not?? 
  • Apples – an apple a day will keep the constipation doctor away. They’re filling, they’re tasty, they keep it moving. Try them.
  • Legumes

Beans, peas and lentils. The best of these for me are the ones that are also packed with protein so that I’m getting in my required daily protein while at it – red kidney beans, butter beans, lentils, chickpeas! Absolutely love love these. Check out how I use some of them on my upcoming post 5 of my favorite, easy-make easy-on-the-pocket salads.

See the second picture in the gallery lower down for a picture of the seeds.

The seeds I use that have now become my favorite is this sunflower, chia seed mix. I add this to my oats in the morning or even to my salads and soups sometimes. Not only does it add a nice crunch, but it also keeps me regular! P.S. A friend of mine- adds this in combination with oats to her baked goods as well- the best, for your tastebuds and for your gut- what a win!! 

  • Exercise

Need I say any more than the word itself??  ‘Well how does this help,?’you ask. Basically, when you exercise, your gut gets moving, and so does the content inside. Normally, the body extracts water from the food as it moves, essentially making it harder. So, faster movement of the food through exercise = less water extracted= softer end result( stool). “In addition, aerobic exercise accelerates your breathing and heart rate. This helps to stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles. Intestinal muscles that contract efficiently help move stools out quickly.” So it’s simple- get moving, get your gut moving. 

Did you know that there’s also a best time to workout to aid reduce constipation? Ask me in the comments below.


  • Oat bran 

What is oat bran? So oats – coming from the  grown cereal grain, is made from the entire seed of the grain. Oat BRAN- Similar to rolled oats but is just the outer shell of the seed. Contains slightly more fibre, about 6-7g of fibre per serving which boosts fibre intake. In addition to the normal quick oats and rolled oats , it also contains a lot of protein, and for the ones looking to shed the calories- it also contains fewer calories. 

I find it difficult to eat it well on its own, so I add this to my eggs sometimes to make quick protein flapjacks/pancakes or I  add this to my oats, cereals and baked goods. 

  • Fibre supplements: 

See the first picture above for an example of oat bran.

These come in the form of powder or tablets or capsules that you can have in addition to your diet plan. I use powder sachets from Clicks or Dischem- called Isphagula Husk most of the time, however my NEW FAVOURITE is also these new CHEWABLE FIBRE tablets from Nutrilite! They are the best for my on-the-go rushed mornings.

There are many alternatives which you can find at various health stores and pharmacies like Dischem, Clicks, even Herbalife has their Multifibre, which is a fiber supplement as well. 

NB NOTE: A diet high in fiber can improve constipation, however, it also can make it worse for some people. So just ensure you’re aware of where you stand. Otherwise.


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