10 Simple things to BOOST your confidence

Hello, confident one!

So lovely to have you here again, and if you’re new here, welcome! Grateful that you’ve taken the time to take a read. Shall we get right into it? Enjoy!

  1. Believe in yourself and then go for your goals 

I cannot stress how much I’ve had to practise believing in myself for most of this journey towards blogging. It was more daunting that I ever thought it would be! You see, not everyone you share your vision or your dream with will understand and hence may not believe in it. 

Two things happen when you believe in yourself; you are self-driven and no-matter the external factors, you’re able to keep pushing yourself to keep going on and keep reaching for what you want. What I’m realizing is that, although this may not ALWAYS be true, is that when you truly believe in your own vision and your dreams, you’re bound to convince or persuade the next person you tell to believe in you. And when this happens, we develop confidence- because we feel an environment that allows us to BE confident. And so the cycle goes; belief in yourself- someone else believes in you- moved to more action and confidence- more belief in yourself and actions.

  1. Encourage others

I find that even when I’m at my lowest or when I feel I myself could use encouragement, encouraging and uplifting someone else actually encourages me in return. Have you realised that most of the encouragement we give others is often the same encouragement we need ourselves? In a sense, we verbalise our own thoughts and courage and we preach to ourselves in the process. So it goes without saying that in the process of building our own self confidence and dreams, we should be building up others as well. This goes hand in hand with the first point, when you first believe in yourself and you act on your own dreams, you can effortlessly encourage others to do the same. Research proves that  giving to others through such things as encouragement, we prevent illnesses like depression and bring about joy to others and ourselves.

  1. Exercise 

Need I say any more than I have already said in one of my favorite posts- What changed the day I started exercising, my whole entire life! Without even having to state any research statistics, I again can personally plead to this one. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! You’ll walk with an extra bounce in your step, an extra big smile and those endorphins will boost your confidence to the heavens and back! 

Do you see the confidence?? Lol I was faking it …
  1. Gain insight 

This one is multifaceted. It helps when you’re knowledgeable about what you’re talking about or what you’re doing- and it gives you more confidence. Think of your day-day job and how good you feel when you not only have a skill but you’ve even read up on data to back up the efficacy of that skill. You just do it with so much “oomf“! For example, when I wanted to start this blog, I knew zero!! And I didn’t know this until I started reading about blogging. I don’t think I’m even halfway to knowing what I should, but I’m definitely learning something intentionally every day and that gives me more confidence to get things done, though I may not know the outcome. So get informed, about what’s important and what matters of course. But then again, I guess that’s subjective. Point is- just gain insight. 

  1. Get OUT! 

TD Jakes, in his book Instinct , says “Everything starts with exposure…..It isn’t that exposure gives us instincts, it’s that exposure awakens instincts and stops us from ignoring what we know to be true inside of us.” So there you have it, get out and get exposed! Most of my inspiration and drive has come from being out there, meeting people, talking to strangers, networking. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to sit in our own houses or spaces and dream, hoping we’ll achieve these dreams through hard work. This is true, yes, but when I say get out, I mean it in the literal and non-literal way. Get out there and start interacting, seeing things and getting fresh perspectives. In the same way, you get out of your comfort zone by meeting different people, attaining different views and being inspired to do things you never fathomed you could. 

“Everything starts with exposure…It isn’t that exposure gives us instincts, it’s that exposure awakens instincts and stops us from ignoring what we know to be true inside of us.”

TD Jakes
  1. Don’t give up on yourself 

Many times things didn’t go as planned, time got wasted, designs didn’t go as planned, the more I read the more I felt inadequate to blog. I want to say this- It’s not over yet! Not until you’re on that death -bed. You may not be where you had dreamed you would be, or things may not be going in your favour. Don’t give up on you, on what you can become. Keep improving yourself, keep pushing yourself, keep trying new things to see if something else works better. Just DON’T GIVE UP on yourself. You only have YOU. Remember what I said earlier- believe in yourself! 

  1. Speak truth over your life 

This could mean different things for different people. For me, I speak the truth of the Word over my life, I memorise scripture that is positive, uplifting and meditate on it when the negative thoughts creep in. I speak words of affirmation and optimism over my life, often from self-help books or motivational talks.  I do try to remain realistic in the process, which I think is important. For you it could mean positive words that you read or hear from videos and books, motivational speakers. Be what it may- “whatever is noble, true, honourable, kind” (Phillipians 4: 8) positive,- think on these things and speak and declare them over yourself!

  1. Seek feedback and take constructive criticism kindly 

Many a time I thought I was on the right track with some tasks I had to take in the process of building my brand and blog. Even at work being a health practitioner I face the same challenge.  But then when I humbled myself enough to ask for opinions, not out of validation but just to gain differing perspectives- sometimes I found I was entirely off, doing things wrong or that wouldn’t work, or I was not giving the impression I was actually aiming to. It’s difficult, takes time and is very humbling to seek feedback knowing it may not be great, but the beauty of it was that I then knew what to change or improve on, I could seek help, and when I did get positive feedback, I was encouraged! So seek feedback and be open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism- only what will make you better, not what only tears you down with no benefit. Also, next time you’re sitting with your friend ask them what someone once asked me “what was your first impression of me?” That’s a form of seeking feedback. 

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re doing the best you can 

Take it easy. Push yourself, but know and understand your limits. Know when you need a break. Take time to debrief, re-collect, do something to take your mind off things, As long as you’re giving your best in all that you do, no one can tell you anything! 

  1. Dress up for success! 

This is really beside the fact that I really love clothes and that spontaneous shopping for clothes is still one of my biggest financial weaknesses! Think about how good you feel when you walk into your workplace, or in fact, anywhere looking great. Firstly, you know it when you look good so you immediately feel good and walk with an extra bounce, even if you weren’t in the greatest of moods. You then may get a compliment thrown at you and this just pumps you up even more! Then your confidence levels to do that presentation, talk to that client, that stranger is all the more increased. You’re moved to be great…and so you do just that. You BECOME great. So take some time to put effort into how you look now and again- it’ll do wonders for your confidence 🙂 I like what you’re wearing by the way- really suits your skin tone 🙂 

So , what’s your impression of me after reading this??  🙂

Please leave any additional tips, your thoughts or your struggles down below. 

I love you – go be confident! 


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