The CORE foods

Can I just say that I’m writing this post after the most terrible weekend in terms of act number 61 of the regulations of healthy eating?! No such act, but anyways.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. Must be hard when you’re not really a kitchen person isn’t it? Over the past few months, Miranda and I have really tried to get into a habit of eating well. It became so easy when we started working, to become complacent and just get used to eating anything and almost all the time! 

At the beginning of our journey back into fitness and wellness, our “body goals” were different, Miranda’s focus was more of the stomach fat loss, and mine was on the thigh fat loss. But even then, it has all come down to one thing- the 80/20 rule that Miranda mentions and that we all know. Food accounts for 80% of your weight loss and exercises only 20%. And at the end of it all, It all boils down to this- food is the core of it all. Like I’ve said before, you are definitely what you eat! 

Now, I know you all have December body goals!! But like I’ve mentioned in my previous post about the 8 things you’ll need to know to make healthy eating a lifestyle, I really wish to drive home the idea of healthy eating as a lifestyle and not a means of reaching a “body goal”. But enough of the philosophical stuff. Let’s get straight into it. So, we’re not doing this for December or summer 2019/2020, we’re doing it for life neh?!  

Let’s get straight into it…



Food food food!!  According to me, this is the biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss. People usually say abs are made in the kitchen. I don’t have them YET but I can really attest to this when I think about the amount of belly fat I’ve lost since I started my journey to being healthy. In the 24 hours a day,you most likely spend 1-2 hours in the gym or exercising, the rest of the 22 hours it’s just you and your mouth & the daily food temptations.

Ok let’s get into what food I have cut out: 

  1. STARCH: Rice, pap, bread, samp. 
  2. SUGARY/FATTY SNACKS: Cakes, biscuits, muffins, ice cream, chips, fries. Yes, all the nice things!
  3. SWEETS: I don’t usually buy them, but those ones that you get after paying the bill at the restaurant- DANGEROUS! I used to find myself randomly eating them. Just LEAVE THEM AT THE TABLE!


I think the most important thing about eating well, is finding WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Remember that our bodies are the same, but very much different and so in choosing how and what we eat, we need to suit our food to our individual bodies, our metabolism, our energy demands and so forth. Also, practice MINDFUL EATING. Don’t just take in anything at any time or when you are offered. Listen to your body.

I lead a mainly high protein, low carb, low fat and low sugar diet. On MOST days. 

Remember that as with everything, healthy eating is a journey, so over time you learn to cut down on certain foods. 

I’ve slashed the following: 

  1. CARBS, especially your refined carbs as Miri has already mentioned. White bread, brown bread, rolls, pap, samp, rice, pasta, even potatoes. I only have sweet-potatoes now and again, and potatoes on occasions. 
  2. SUGAR- I have a massive sweet tooth! My ultimate weakness. The biggest discovery for me was realizing how much sugar there is in FRUIT as well. So apart from the obvious sweets and sugary foods, I would recommend cutting down on fruit intake, especially if you are trying to LOSE the weight, or if you’re diabetic. Try to eat just 3 portions a day, and none at night before sleep. 
  3. FRUIT JUICES AND COOLDRINKS. Guys! These have so much hidden sugar and calories. Replace these with water and see the difference. You want to EAT your natural sugars(fruit), not drink them because you don’t realize how much additional sugar you take in when you drink them.

Tip: Try home made ICE TEA using fruit teas , or add fruits or lemon to your water if you find it difficult to drink plain water.


Someone once told me they were really inspired by the way my fridge looks; here’s what it sometimes looks like- at least at the beginning of the month.

Obviously, Miranda and I  both have different meal plans because we like different things, but the overall ingredients are similar. Our meals are based mainly on a protein serving with vegetables, snacks in between and fruits as well. I’ve combined both our ingredients into one list. 

Our Grocery Lists are very similar. It looks something like this: 

  • Vegetables: Don’t forget the leafy greens- Lettuce- in all its forms, spinach, rhubarb. Others- cauliflower, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, beetroot, gem squash, butternut, avocado. Go wild – whatever your tastebuds fancy.
Those leafy greens – here we have different leafy greens you can use for your meals. Baby spinach at the top, lettuce to the right, rocket to the left, and coriander will always do the things for any salad!
  • Don’t forget the legumes: Beans, lentils, chick-peas, peas. Nuts also fall here. These are great sources of fiber and protein in one! I try to stay away from normal beans as these are high in sugar although still a great source of protein!
  • Fruits: The greatest fruits shown for weight loss include all the BERRIES- strawberry, cranberry, blue-berry. Other great fruits we love are watermelon, pine-apple and bananas. 
  • Protein: Miranda loves her bacon my goodness! I’m a fan of sea food– I’ve found it’s great for weight loss as well as filling. More-over, it’s full of the good stuff- Omega 3 fatty acids, and high in protein- which has shown to be great for toning the abdomen. Other sources are chicken, (love the breast), pork, beef… anything you fancy.

TIP: The key is to keep it lean and grill away.

So if you’re going BACON like Miranda, keep it lean, like this!
  •  Tuna, tinned pilchards and hake are my fetishes. Chicken breasts, lean mince (I get mine from woolies) Miranda loves her beef sausages, and we both love the pork, lamb, and beef. Steak is a great alternative to the ordinary beef- leaner and great tasting! Oh and how could I forget the EGGS!
  • Whole grains: The quinoa, the whole-wheat wraps, oats can be a great addition to your diet if you’re looking to get abs. “In addition to being high in fiber, which can enhance weight loss, digestion, and blood sugar levels, whole grains are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.” –Healthline
  • Snack attack: Miranda loves her mixed nuts and biltong. You cannot go wrong here. In addition to this, I love my cottage cheese, my plain yogurt and almonds to be particular. Try snack bars for some variety as well, just watch out for added sugar!

Im absolutely nuts about my nuts- especially the almonds. My favourite snack! Banana on a pancake with maple syrup and coffee on the left, grapefruit , always with nuts on the right.

Tip– Always pair whatever you are snacking on with a protein. Eg if you are snacking on an apple or crackers- add some tuna to the crackers, have the apple/banana with cottage cheese or better yet peanut butter. The protein will help you keep fuller for longer!

So there you have it…the CORE foods, from our own personal journeys.

In the next food post, we share about the HABITS that have helped us foster eating well and what a week the life of a “sudden health freak” looks like- our personal basic weekly meal plans.

Have any other foods that you know to be good for getting that leaner waist and strengthening the core? Please do share.

Here’s to eating our way to a greater CORE! Enjoy

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