I say that with so much excitement as I wait to see what God can do through both this amazing lady and I as we unite to share ideas. She has kindly agreed to partner with me on this series. THE CORE OF IT ALL.


“To develop core strength, we need to work on muscles that are not easily seen by others.” – Lawrence Khong. I think of these as the heart, our core muscles, and the mind. (Obviously, the mind is not literally a muscle, but it can be thought of as such)

“To develop core strength, we need to work on muscles that are not easily seen by others.”

Lawrence Khong

This series is going to be one that expresses and emphasizes the importance of, and HOW we developed strength where it’s most important; the muscles of the core of the body, the muscle of our spirituality(our heart), and the muscle that is our mind-training it to be inclined to eating foods that will better help us strengthen our physical core and thus our entire being.

We just want to share with you how through exercise, we strengthened not just our bodies, but the most important things- our hearts and our minds. To paraphrase Lawrence Khong- the things not easily seen by others.

Over time I realized that the core of the body is such a vital part of being able to execute so many other exercises well. The stronger my core, the stronger the rest of my body. I then used this as a metaphor for the other things that became stronger- my heart and mind, which I feel are actually the most important to sustain us and to our being. And that is how I landed on this series.

So expect everything FOOD, FAITH and one of my favorite things-EXERCISE. In this series particularly, CORE exercises. We share foods that have helped us shed some belly fat, helped strengthen the core and that we’ve had to let go of. We share various exercises to do just that and about WHY the core is such a vital part of our body, it’s structure and how to work it. Most importantly, we share about how at the core of it all, is the strength that became of our faith.

We hope to have fun with you, we hope to further develop our own cores. Furthermore, we hope to encourage you to do the same- focus on the most important thing- THE CORE OF IT ALL. All while looking graaaaaayt! What a win!

We’ll see you on the journey. You know what I love to ask. Will you kindly journey with us?

Your hashtag for this one: #theCOREofitall. Lets work that core!

Much love

Miranda and Dineo

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