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Helloooooo everyone! ☺️ 

So you’re probably wondering about my logo, username and who this person is. My logo encapsulates the entirety of it all so let me elaborate from there. It derives from my first name -Dineo. A derivative of the so called Southern Sotho… directly translates into English as “GIFTS”. 

I’m from a small beautiful town on the border of Eastern Cape and KZN called Matatiele. 

Over the past few years of my life I’ve honestly been so blessed with just incredible people in my life who’ve helped me grow, helped me become. I’ve made mistakes, been hurt, I’ve hurt others- but God’s Grace has gently sustained me until now and brought me so much joy! Paradoxical to the meaning of my name, I’ve always felt like I am the one who is blessed and thus “GIFTED” more than being the gift my name declares me to be. And for all my blessings I’m forever GRATEFUL!

I’m a daughter of the most high first, second a daughter to my parents, a sister to my older sister, a friend to many , a servant by doctorship. (One day I’ll be a wife and a mother!! )







My passions include interacting with people, (and those close to me know I can get quite deep) connecting with others, nutrition( more like eating!!), exercise and outdoor activities- jogging in particular, and oh what would my world be without music, worship and singing! 

SO THIS BLOG …? It boils down to how over the years the Word has brought to my realisation and now firm belief that I’m *gifted2give*….  I believe in the fact that we all have so much to learn from each other- be it our successes, our failures or being encouraged from just observation of one anothers’ lives. GET THIS- SOMEONE OUT THERE NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR STORY. Why? Because YOUR GROWTH – BE IT AN KIND OF GROWTH- SHOULD NOT ONLY BENEFIT YOU!

I believe we’re all blessed so that others may benefit and be blessed as well! Gifted, so that we may GIVE. In this way , we find fulfilment and we find purpose. There’s got to be more to all of this blessing maaaaan! That’s one of the deepest parts of my heart. So I’ve finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it.

I founded foodfaithfavourites with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind about my faith, how I go about doing this healthy lifestyle thing we’re all trying to attain, and what some of the daily things in my life teach me, including my life as a doctor, thus using this as a platform to really share what I think may be valuable life lessons, information and discoveries with you. I also want to use the purpose behind gifted2give to really promote and bring to light the gifts of many people I’ve come across- gifts which have benefited me and I believe could benefit you. This is my first ever blog, I’m hoping and praying that it will go well and grow beyond my own human expectations.

I think the person who’ll best relate to this blog is the ordinary person who lives a busy life, but pursues God, is trying to manage his/her own life, health and relationships, and STILL be content and rested. What a life!


Mondays- MOTIVATION and GRATITUDE Mondays. These posts will be titled #MondayMotivation. Expect to see this EVERY Monday to help you get geared up for the new week!:)

Tuesdays – Tasty Tuesday- Something from the FOOD section. Formal blog posts with tips on snack- ideas, quick dish recipes, benefits of certain organic/health foods, meal prep ideas and more will be every 2nd week, Random pics on the page may appear just to keep you going:)

Wednesday- Expect a formal post related to my faith/the Christian journey or relationship revelations every 2nd Thursday. “Sporadic Spews” not in the form of a formal blog post may appear on this day as well.

Thursday- Thoughtful Thursdays/ Pop quiz Thursday- Im excited for this one. EVERY Thursday will be an interactive session on the instagram page, where we can share thoughts and ideas, I too get to ask a question or two, or I receive questions from you! Keen to hear differing perspectives and opinions!

Friday – my FAVOURITE Fridays! Again, every 2nd Friday, expect a post from something in my favourites category- a post about fitness and exercise , a reflective post about life as a doctor, or something else that I consider a favourite at that point in time.

And so as I share simply the daily mundane parts of my life and passions with you, I hope and pray that it will reach at least one soul, that it may bring someone to salvation, teach someone one or two things, or bring someone to a new perspective, joy or just pure entertainment ( In a good way I hope lol!) AS FAR AS WHAT’S BEEN PUT IN MY HEART- THIS IS THE BEST WAY I KNOW HOW TO SHARE THE BLESSINGS- SHARING MY LIFE!

P.S: Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, share and leave comments, ideas, opinions, disagreements and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together. I would love that!

May He who is behind it all get the utmost glory He deserves through it all!😊


 ~ DINEO ~

    1. Hi Dimpho!

      Lovely to have you and thank you for taking the time to explore it!

      Thank you so so much love, and I’m a fan of YOU!!!🥰

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