So I decided to write this to answer not just the question that everyone poses to me but also really to answer myself…what is gifted2give? And how does the blog foodFAITHfavourites come into the picture? The most popular question I’ve had is “Is it a non-profit organisation?”

if you’ve read the about me page, you’ll get the gist of it. Honestly, it all started as just something I wanted to do as almost a “personal diary”, where I could write about the things I’m most passionate about- my faith, wellness in all its aspects-nutrition and good food, mental health and physical wellness in the form of exercise.

Somewhere along the line, it dawned on me that I loved encouraging others to do these things that I saw were benefiting me and I wanted to share all that I was learning. Through difficult times and challenges that I’ve been through and overcome, I’ve learned so much and have had people bless me with wisdom and knowledge. I wanted to share so much about all of this and how I overcame, what I had learned. As long as it would help someone get through a tough time too, as long as it could help someone hang in there a little longer, as long as it would bring comfort. And just like that, I realized one of my gifts- ENCOURAGEMENT! It fuels me so much and touches my heart so much when I see that something I’m doing or something I said to them has moved them to do something that improves them. or will benefit them, or knowing that I”ve uplifted someone from a low place.

And so from here came the thought- well on what platform can I share all that I want to share without it being overly in the faces of others but also on a platform that would allow me to best express myself?? A BLOOOOOOG! YAAAAAAS…..! And so that is the idea behind foodFAITHfavourites– to encourage. To encourage and help YOU with ideas for those healthy meals, share with you the benefits I’ve reaped and that you too can reap from being mindful about what you eat, exercising and changing the way you think. To share my struggles on this journey of salvation and how God and His word have helped me overcome and thus encourage you as we walk this Christian Journey. And the rest is history… 🙂 You are now on that blog… again, WELCOME BELOVED READER! God is good right?


Well, honestly, this idea is still in the pipelines but the vision is there. Here’s where the foundations come from. For the longest time, I was shy, or should I say fearful, about some of my gifts. I’ll use a personal example through my vocation- being a Dr. For the longest time I was in such a place of conflict about eventually reaching the destination- graduating as a doctor. Yes, it felt good and like an accomplishment and I was really proud of me- but at the very same time I felt so insecure because I saw how people esteemed Drs so much. I was blessed with just so much priveledges as a doctor at such an early age in my life. And I was just feeling so insecure because I felt so bad as to why I was granted such great priveledges and honor by God. Why me? Why can’t others be blessed the same as well? How must they feel God?

It wasn’t until it dawned on me that the gift of being a doctor 1)- came with a lot of responsibility and 2) that it was NOT ABOUT ME, that I began to embrace all of it. I began to realize that my job was a gift, one that came with many blessings, but also one that I had to take much responsibility for in stewarding it. Thankfully as much as a sacrifice it is, it is also very fulfilling and I get to apply one of my passions- encouragement EVERY DAY! When I began to forget about the “image” that comes with being a Dr, and started to pay attention to the responsibility, I realized God was trusting me every day to Glorify Him through interacting with people in their most vulnerable states- illness and by His Grace, bring about the necessary help.

And so it began to dawn on me that that is what EVERY gift I have is about, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME. Yes, my gift and passion may benefit me, but ultimately my gift is for the edification unto OTHERS. So now the question becomes, actually, what ARE my gifts? And once I know these gifts, am I using them (appropriately in their season) as best I can as something God has entrusted me with. I’ve also realized that the beauty of our gifts when in their true purpose in most cases, we don’t have to try hard for them to be beneficial to others- it just DOES. You just see what an impact your gift is making! And this becomes your giving, this becomes the Glory of God’s creation of this magnificent gift in you!

And so my wish is to really encourage you to use your gifts diligently where you are, put them out there for people to see, not in arrogance, but in aim be of value and edification. This is your giving, through that you have, your gifts, YOU’re gifted… to give. Ofcourse within healthy and Godly boundaries.

Please check out my instagram page @gifted2give – linked to the top of my home page- to see my vision statement about gifted2give.

What are your thoughts on our gifts? Please comment and share thoughts around this post as well! Love and light !

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