Tired of “DIET-STYLE?” Try this LIFE-STYLE!!! 8 things YOU’LL NEED TO KNOW

I think I took me a while to get to a place where eating well, eating healthy and in proportion and being creative about it, is now not just about diets, but is a LIFESTYLE!! Shall I tell you about the very first diet I went on? The only thing I was having for breakfast on most days of that diet was a plain slice of brown bread and black coffee. HOW FUN!!! Never that again- unless it’s that time of the month. Needless to say that this is where my coffee addiction stems from. Story for another blog post!

I have been through multiple diets in my journey of weight loss; coming in my next post on Friday!! It took a while for me to tap into the real value of it, and being creative about various health foods so that I would no longer have to go on diets to maintain or lose weight. Even though I’m still learning. I still struggle with creating a healthy relationship with food. Over time I’ve learnt how to have fun with food, what it means to lead a lifestyle of healthy eating and also what it’s NOT! I’ll tell you this, it takes effort, but it’s possible. Im here to try and help.

Through this blog, one of the things I really hope to achieve is to create a paradigm shift about wellness as a whole- exercise, healthy eating, and our attitudes. I really long for a world where people understand not just the superficial benefits, but the VALUE behind eating what is good, nutritious and considered healthy, the value of exercise, and the importance of our mindsets in life. This is what will turn fad diets and inconsistent, unfulfilling “no-result” exercise patterns into a chosen lifestyle and will help reduce the statistics of mental illness in our world drastically.

I really long for a world where people understand not just the superficial benefits, but the VALUE behind eating what is good, nutritious and considered healthy, the value of exercise, and the importance of our mindsets in life.”

Dineo Sefoloko

So let’s get straight into it. What I’m sharing in this post is basically pointers on what leading a healthy lifestyle means and how to go about it. Most of the time we just don’t know how, or what it might require from us. From my journey throughout the years, here’s what I’VE come out with.

You’ll need to learn about various organic and health foods, the benefits thereof and then where to get them

Over time, I’ve learned to know WHY certain foods are good for incorporating into my daily meals or meal-plans according to my body’s needs and goals at that time. This is how I learned the VALUE of eating well and seeing the effects made me want to learn more. This also makes it easier to create your own favourite meal ideas according to the foods YOU love and enjoy. I use pinterest and healthline as my biggest sources of information. Also, this blog called Cookie + Kate is amazing. Keep reading and I’ll share all that I have come to learn as time goes on 😉 I’ll also share some great stores where you can stock up on some of these healthy foods.

You’ll need to learn about portion control

This one still gives me trouble now and again. It’s difficult to gauge how much is enough, especially when you’re eating something you love right? But this is actually one of theeee most important aspects of leading a good eating lifestyle and if you’re looking to shed some kilos. From fists, to cup sizes, to plate sizes, and plating tactics. Those are all the things I use to do this. It gets better over time the more you do it. I’ll share as we learn together on the blog.

You’ll need to know about practising mindful eating

I tell my friends that I’m always thinking about the very next meal .. because I used to plan what I must eat at what time of the day and what I’ve already consumed and and and …I Need to get back there. Believe it or not we all take in so much unnecessary food on the daily without even paying attention to it. Being mindful about what you eat can be challenging and takes effort. It also takes learning to saying NO to food offers that are unhealthy or when you really are not hungry. This one goes out to my black sisters and brothers who know the challenge of refusing food when visiting someone. But we need to get past that and kindly say no, or better yet, eat- but in proportion. Healthline has this amazing challenge going about practising mindful eating that I found helpful. Check it out https://www.healthline.com/health/5-days-of-mindful-eating

You’ll need to know about eating well when at home versus when out

So this one also took a while for me and it can still be difficult. This is where you’ll need to know about health cafés and health-food restaurants. Can’t wait to share my post on my favourite health food restaurants and give you ideas. Though, you can still eat a good meal at any restaurant once you know your health foods well. Or you can just treat yourself to a good “cheat-meal.” Most of the time what I do is focus on eating well when at home so that when I’m out I can indulge in a treat. No over-indulgence allowed!

You’ll need to learn how to maintain your social life while eating healthy

Most of the time, social gatherings involve “good” food (sugary, high fat, high salt content) and high calorie content drinks. The trick here is as above- treat yourself, but don’t over indulge. “Good food” is better with people any way, so sometimes just enjoy the good food and good company, and you can get back to eating your salads or “healthy meal” at home. But also, you can just pick well and eat what is really good and nutritious amongst what you have. This is what happens when it becomes a lifestyle and this is where you might have to learn to be ok with being called the “health freak”. Oh well, you’re influencing them to a good thing after all.

You’ll need to know how to make snacks and meal-preparation

Meal prep is so vital to eating well, because best believe once you’re starving, you do not feel like preparing the `’greatest`’ or even your favourite healthy meal when there’s a muffin, a pie or a burger or zinger wings at just the touch of a button on your phone or a phone call away. Yes , I’m talking about TAKE-AWAYS!! Meal prep takes a lot of time and effort, as with most good things. But you can learn to get around it by setting aside a specific day and time for it, planning the meals and ingredients beforehand and then the actual doing doesn’t take up much time. I know people always say they feel so hungry after a workout or in between meals. Here is where the I’m going to be sharing some snack ideas and things I find helpful.

You’ll need to know how to conquer the challenges that come with changing your eating habits

I encountered a few challenges when i changed what I ate. And one of the reasons this happens is because your metabolism takes a knock. Some of the challenges I had to learn how to overcome to improve my quality of life were low energy levels, constipation, knowing what to eat to achieve which goal in terms of my body , in terms of training for races and as mentioned above, snacking and meal portioning, and more. So I want to share what I’ve found helpful as time goes on. Stay tuned!

You’ll need to know how to incorporate them into your budget

Healthy foods can be expensive, Notice I say CAN. Some foods just ARE expensive, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. I also struggled initially to make healthy eating money-wise as well. But if you buy JUST healthy foods, then its not all that bad, I think. In fact, it’s more expensive NOT to eat healthy in the long run because you earn yourself things like life-style diseases that will cost you way more than just the food you eat; your life and your health! So, pick your struggle. I will share about various food stores I use that are affordable or ways to make it work out less expensive. I’ll also try and keep an eye out for the specials!

“In fact, it’s more expensive NOT to eat healthy in the long run because you earn yourself things like lifestyle diseases that will cost you way more than just the food you eat; your life and your health!”

Dineo Sefoloko

So there you have it, all the things YOU’LL NEED TO KNOW to get started. You ready? Let’s go!

Leave a comment on any additional things you think are important to know or ideas that are helpful! ‘Cause we’re all doing this life thing together, aren’t we?


Sneak peak into my next post….”5 of my favourite quick, easy-make, easy-on the-pocket salads.”

I love being creative with my salads! They’re such an ideal lunch because you’re not too full such that you fall asleep on the office table, but also not left hungry after this and a solid fruit!

INGREDIENTS: Baby carrots, cranberries, baby spinach leaves, feta. You can use the feta water as your dressing otherwise a balsamic vinegar or olive oil and vinegar dressing is amazing as well.

Simple, fast, filling, affordable. Swop the cranberries for raisins- much cheaper, or any other berry for that matter! Jut let the imagination go on a roll and enjoy!

  1. Water…water and Water!! For me it does wonders. Instead of downing my food with cool drink or juice I use water. Even warm water does it for me.

  2. Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post
    reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this.

    I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.
    Thanks for sharing!

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